What is Good Content?

Posted by Ka-Lok Ho

What is good content and how to create it.

Everyone wants an easy shortcut to what makes good content, and although the answer has more intricacies, it can be boiled down to simply creating helpful content.

You don’t always have to sell or feature your product or service. Just be helpful in your vertical to your target.

A personal example I saw recently was from MADE. It was a whimsical piece that showed you how to move your cactus plant from one pot to another quickly and easily.

That may be a niche example but it was relevant to me at the time and now they’re top of the mind. You can’t and shouldn’t have your content target everyone all the time, think Seth Godin’s ‘targeting the smallest viable audience’.

Now when I next think of MADE, I’ll remember them in a positive light as they were helpful. This all ends up influencing buying decision, not because their cactus pot was a really great design - I’m sure it was I just don’t remember - but because they provided me with value.

So sure, ‘putting your logo in the first 5 seconds, and top loading your messaging in the first few frames’ is important (says a lot of marketers; I would strongly debate against the effectiveness of this which will come in a future post), but if they remember you provided something of value that’s helpful, they’ll remember your brand.

And that’s the best marketing-awareness-research-and-consideration-lead-generation-customer-advocacy you need, not because you put your logo in the bottom corner and mentioned your brand in the first second - because they probably skipped your ad anyway. 

So whether it’s paid ad content or organic content, be helpful.

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