The ABC's of Content Strategy

Posted by Ka-Lok Ho

Content strategy tips for best practices

Authentic. Bold. Consistent.

Be authentic.

Speak with an honest voice. Move the way your customers do. Operate like a native. It’s more than tone of voice. Are you on the channels your target operates? Do you use it like they do? Are your brand values their values too? Relevance equals response.

Be bold.

Don’t stay in the middle, have an opinion, even if it is divisive at least you know half the consensus will be in your camp. 

Without an opinion you don’t have a brand. Your customers won’t know what you stand for or why you stand for.

A fantastic example is Nike’s recent Colin Kaepernick campaign. As much controversy as it created, they stuck their stake in the ground, alienating some customers but uniting more.

By having an opinion you quickly position your brand and align yourself with the likeminded and distance yourself from those who disagree — who were probably never going to be a good client, or customer for you anyway.

Be consistent.

Consistency is key. In content strategy and in life. Stick to a regular schedule.

Many people will have committed to going to the gym again as their New Year’s resolution – and content is just like working out – it takes twice the amount of time and effort to gain results than it does to lose it. 

With a consistent schedule your audience is expecting, and as you steadily build an engaged community, the faster it grows, the more it snowballs, the quicker you build.

The opposite, however, is just as true. If you break that schedule it’s extremely difficult to pick up that same momentum, and with so much noise out there competing for your customers attention, it’ll be quicker than you can finish this sentence that they’ll have forgotten about your content. (Which is why it’s imperative to be helpful.)

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