How to Increase Engagement on your Content


How to increase engagement on social content marketing

If you have fewer than 1% of your audience interacting (read: commenting – the only true engagement, 'likes' and emoji responses do not count), that's not good.

A lot of brands nowadays have 50-100k following, but they post single line caption posts and then receive less than 5 comments.

So what's they key?

The recipe to creating engaging content: entertaining, helpful, actionable.

Pick a minimum of two. Ideally all three.

How to put this into action:

1. Tell a story (Entertaining)

Why did you do this thing? What was the problem? What was the objective?

2. What lesson was learnt? (Helpful)

What would you do differently? What impact did it have to you/the business/the brand?

3. Ask a question (Actionable)

Ask your audience for their stories, do they have similar experiences? What would they do with the solution? Insert a call to action here.

People work with who they know, who they like and who they trust.

A one line caption is not a story, and your audience will not know you from that.

One line captions is advertising copy.

Content marketing is not advertising.

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