Behind the Scenes Content : How the Sausage is Made


Behind the scenes content to increase engagement

The easiest content to make is behind the scenes content.

It’s also the most impactful. It’s real, it’s informative and it’s usually entertaining.

People want to see how the sausage is made. There’s a video on Vimeo that has almost 2 million views about how a tennis ball is made — with no voice over, no music, just ambient factory noise and basic shots.

You don’t need to create a story around your product or service when by showing the behind the scenes you have a built in story already! Allow people to be part of the process, we are curious creatures looking to be part of something, by lifting the veil of the polish you create an ongoing connection.

'In order for a connection to happen we must allow ourselves to be seen – really seen.' — Brené Brown

What is mundane and average to us, we often forget is intriguing for the uninitiated – in fact even those who in the know are often still intrigued to compare notes and share techniques.

I’m pretty dexterous with a deck of cards, and have played with cards almost everyday for over a decade. As I was showing a new colleague a flourish, where the cards are interwoven 1 by 1 and then ‘poured’ into the other hand which imitates the look of a waterwheel, I was explaining the move.

Me: ‘So first I cut the deck with one hand, splitting the deck exactly in half, so then I can weave…’

Colleague: ‘Whoa, wait what, how?’

Me: ‘Er, which part? I haven’t done the move yet.’

Colleague: ‘How can you cut it in one hand? And how did you cut it in half?’

Me: ‘Well I need to cut it so it’s 26 cards on each side so I can do the next part, which…’

Colleague: ‘How do you know it’s exactly 26 cards!?’

I didn’t get to explain the difficult end part, as my colleague was too hung up on the opening, which I forget that cutting a deck with one hand is already impressive, let alone exactly 26 x 26.

All this humblebrag to say, share your process. It may be your day to day, it may be mundane to you, but to many it’s super intriguing.

This can apply to many parts of your business. 

Taking photos for your product page? Share the behind the scenes.
Training new customer service reps? Share a bit about that process. 
Consulting on strategy? Show how you run your workshops.

Behind the scenes content is being transparent, it’s honest, it’s real.

Even showing the not so pretty parts, that makes it more real.

You don’t have to give away the ingredients and process to making the pie. But show where you get the ingredients and the work that goes into making it.

You can show the dots without connecting the dots.

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