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Social Content Marketing: Cinemagraphs



MOO wanted to feature some of their product lines across their social channels in a visually intriguing way that would spotlight the unique features of their products – the videos were used as promoted content, but had to also be able to live on their social channels as organic social content.



Ka-Lok Ho



The Challenge

The content was to be used organically across the brands’ social channels, but had to be visually intriguing enough to also work as paid content.

As well as featuring the products, MOO wanted content that was reactionary and relevant to the climate at the time – literally, as it was during the 2018 summer heatwave, which required a fast turn around for these pieces.


The Concept

Settling on the style of looping videos and cinemagraphs, this had the benefit of looking like stylised still product photography at first glance, but with intrigue created from the slight movement of some objects in the frame.


The Result

The final deliverables were three simple but bold, eye catching pieces that has a satisfying, looping movement. Two of the three pieces were developed with specifically with summer heat in mind, with the blue fan piece being posted on the hottest day of the year as reactionary content.

The promoted pieces were a huge success generating awareness for the brand with many new customers engaging with the content.



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