Teach. Reveal. Show


5 Business Lessons Learnt from Filmmaking

Teach what you know. Share how you do it.

Teaching doesn’t detract from the value you bring to the market.

Instead of thinking of it as cannibalising and minimising your market, you actually maximise the interest in you, your process and your expertise.

Lifting the curtain draws in a new audience. Someone may have no need or interest in your services, but there may be something in your process, approach, or thinking that does intrigue them.

We’ve all fallen down a YouTube rabbit hole where we’re watching a video of something unrelated to our field, but we’re still intrigued.

Doesn’t teaching create my competition though?

Roger Federer could share his serve technique and training regimen, but you’d lack the physicality and practice.
A magician could spill the beans to Derren Brown’s mentalism, but you’d lack the showmanship.
You can follow the recipes to recreate Gordon Ramsays dishes, but would you have a queue at your kitchen.

Knowing how something is done, and being able to do it immediately it or effectively are two separate things.

With this teaching approach though, you’ll have an endless stream of valuable content that builds trust through transparency and increases the interest around you and your work to build a larger audience.

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